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Innovate bespoke road safety policies developed for all companies targeting employees who drive company cars and vans or their own private cars for any type of business use.


What is Grey Fleet

Health and Safety at Work Act applies to employees whilst they are driving their vehicles as part of their job.

Therefore the drivers ability to operate the vehicle safely, and the vehicles general condition and roadworthiness are of paramount importance. The good news is that improvements in the safety aspects of fleet operation will bring benefits throughout lower threats of prosecution, lower costs and lower emission levels.

All courses include a written report on completion.

Man Driving in Car

Company Driver Risk Report

Drivers develop skills that promote their safety and that of their vehicle, their load and other road users.

Through fuel efficient driving, drivers raise their levels of professionalism and become a greater asset to their employer.


Owners of high performance cars, who want to ensure their driving is to the highest standard to enjoy their car in a safe and legal manner.


All training will take place in your own vehicle on Public Roads.

Some clients with high performance cars,

Porsche, Mercedes AMG, GT86,

Aston Martin, BMW, AUDI, Ford RS, Jaguar.

Want to ensure that you're driving is up to the highest standard to enjoy driving their vehicle in a safe and legal manner.

All training takes place in your own vehicle on public roads not track.

Car Dashboard

Private Drivers wishing to develop their driving or perhaps wanting to learn advanced driving skills.

Understanding new technology fitted to new cars.

* Parking Assist

* Blind Spot indicator

* Dynamic Cruise Control

* Lane departure

* Cross traffic alert

* Hybrid driving 

* Driving with Black Box

Advanced driving tips and general observations.

Trust nothing that you can't see to be clear.

The brow of a hill or a undulation in the road can and do hide vehicles.

Beware any junctions or hidden entrances along the road because vehicles can emerge from them without expecting to see you.

Look at the road markings called hazard lines. 

If the lines become longer then there will be a hazard, so scan the road for hazards, and ask yourself the question can you stop quickly in an emergency.

Advanced and Grey Fleet Driver Training Direct

We work with some of the largest companies in fleet driver training, call us direct for a competitive quotation.


Paul Coleman Dip Di

City & Gilds 730D32/D33
SAFED for Vans,
DIAmond Advanced, RoSPA,
Secretary TAPDI
SCD Qualified Trainer
DVSA Fleet Registered
DIAmond Advanced Driver
Diploma in Fleet Driver Training



City & Gulds 730D32/D33



Specialist in bespoke classroom interactive presentations.
Eye screening
Drug identification
Health & safety
Company policy development


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