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Innovate bespoke road safety policies developed for all companies targeting employees who drive company cars and vans or their own private cars for any type of business use.



Advanced Driving Course Half Day 3h 30m

Occupational road risk evaluation assisting in developing new skills.

1. Concentration

2. Observation

3. Anticipation

4. Space & Time


Advanced Driving Full Day 7hrs

This is a full day course helping you to develop Advanced Driving Skills.

All driving would be in your normal vehicle. 


2 Drivers 3h 30m each

Thinking about changing your fleet to Electric this course will help your drivers maximise their potential and at the same time demonstrate your commitment to road safety.

Automatic Driving Lessons

"Subject to Availability"

Hybrid Driving Course
Stainton, Thornton, Great Ayton, Marton, Coulby Newham, Newby, Hutton Rugby, Stokesley, Yarm, Potto, Northallerton,

Special Price £210.00

Pre-Court Driving Course

This is a one to one course to Demonstrate a commitment to change and includes a written report on completion.

Whether this is speeding or using a mobile phone we can all change for the better.

Objectives are to better understand the causes of negative consequences and to demonstrate a willingness to improve our driving style and the importance of concentration, observation, anticipation.

We can also recommend a legal   specialists in this area.


Drivers of Performance Cars

The key points to remember are:

Select your speed for a bend according to the overall stopping distance.

Maintain a constant speed round the bend.

Use the accelerator smoothly-jerkiness causes tyre slip

Watch out for slippery surface conditions, and adjust your speed.


Maintain a constant speed round the bend


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What is Reasonable Diligence?

"Reasonable Diligence" is the process of care & attention that would be expected by a "reasonable and prudent person" under the circumstances.


The offence of failing to provide driver Information arises when you are sent a request to identify the driver of a vehicle after an alleged road traffic offence has been committed.

If you are the registered keeper of the vehicle and you are accused of failing to name the driver you will be found not guilty if you can show that you used reasonable diligence to ascertain who was driving at the time.

If as a company you don't know who was driving ask the police for photo evidence, even if the photo is of the rear of the vehicle its important to show that you asked!
Check diary dates and commitments


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I had an Advanced Driving Course

Mature Businessman


I have a great deal of driving experience, mostly good and some bad. With the purchase of my new and quite fast AMG, I decided that I wished to improve my skills with particular emphasis on defensive driving. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had Paul as my mentor for the day. Paul quickly assessed my strengths and weaknesses and developed a strategy designed to build on those strengths and minimize my weaknesses. Paul continued to offer free support and advice, which demonstrates his total commitment and professionalism.

Taking this course was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time.

Woman in Yellow


I have used this company in the past and found it to be 100% excellent. I have recommended it to friends and family. They to have received a first class service in training their company drivers.

They make you feel relaxed, comfortable and safe and offer a personal service at a very good price.

Senior Man


Paul carried out assessments for Council staff in relation to improving their driving skills. Paul was professional and polite at all times.
The staff feed back from the training was extremely positive and they really enjoyed the whole experience.

Intelligent Instructor Awards 2021 Local Driving Instructor Association of the Year.



Specialists in Hybrid & EV Vans & Cars

Quarry Drive
Stainton Village

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Advanced Driving and Fleet Driver Training Direct

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Paul Coleman Dip Di

City & Gilds 730D32/D33
SAFED for Vans,
DIAmond Advanced, RoSPA,
Secretary TAPDI
SCD Qualified Trainer
DVSA Fleet Registered
DIAmond Advanced Driver
Diploma in Fleet Driver Training